Monday, April 5, 2010

Wilderness Medical Courses

Headwaters 2 Ocean Risk and Rescue, a subsidiary company of H2O Troutfitter, facilitates Wilderness Medical Associates Canada Courses with various agencies in Northern Canada. Steve Hahn is a lead instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates Canada, and has taught wilderness medical courses across the North for over 7 years.

As a professional working in both the remote medical evacuation and adventure travel sectors in the North, Steve is able to bring relevant aspects of remote medicine to all the courses that he teaches.

Wilderness Medical Associates has been setting the standard for wilderness and rescue training for over 25 years. Their certification is internationally recognised and sets the standard by which industry follows. WMA continually strives for the best practical application of experience, science, technology and medical judgement.

Whether it be for adventure travel agencies, recreation departments, rescue groups, field services companies or outdoor education programs, Headwaters 2 Ocean Risk and Rescue is committed to bringing the latest in remote medical education to Northern Canada.

Bellow is a list of scheduled courses